The Aftermath of Major Fires in Utah is Bad News for the Residents’ Health

Oct 29, 2018

Utah is no stranger to fire accidents, and every year the state experiences a “wildfire season.” According to Federal statistics, Utah’s wildfire season has been the seventh worst in the country since 2002 in terms of acres of territory burned.

The Real Causes of Utah’s Fires

Surprisingly, accidents caused by natural wildfires are only a percentage of challenges facing Utah. In fact, the leading cause of fires in Utah is “equipment,” which covers flat tires, electrical malfunctions, chainsaws, and other types of machinery that can catch or start a fire. As of August 15, 2018, the “equipment” category accounted for 35 percent of Utah’s fire incidents with a known cause. Right behind it at 24 percent is “debris burning”, following “campfires” which accounted for 11 percent of the fires.

These categories show that more than half of Utah’s fires were caused by human activities. And possibly even human negligence. The numbers in 2017 were worse as statistics by the National Park Service revealed that human-caused wildfires account for 90 percent of the state’s wildfire accidents.

Serious Health Risks of Wildfire Aftermath

In August this year, Utah was met with at least four major fire incidents that resulted in not only thousands of acres burnt land but also in poor air quality. State officials had to advise people to limit their time outdoors to minimize their exposure to smoke. The air quality remained unhealthy after a few days, and the government had to send a warning to the general public to be wary of health risks.

Since wildfire smoke is a mix of different gases obtained from burnt crops and building materials, some particles can get inside the respiratory system. When they do, these particles can increase the heart rate, and trigger chest pains and asthma attacks. Many people also experience headaches, sore throats, and even fatigue. The effects on children can be more severe since their respiratory system is still developing and they inhale more air per pound of body weight than adults.

Immediate Response to Fire Accidents in Utah

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