Protect your building and staff from fires with Certified Fire and Security. We proudly serve St. George businesses with defensive fire technology, such as fire extinguishers, sprinklers and alarms

Our comprehensive technology allows for constant tracking to keep your property and those within it safe. We offer several options that work to combat fires and alert your crew. 

Fire Protection for St. George Businesses

We offer different fire protection tools depending on your business’s needs. 

Commercial Fire Extinguishers

Are you looking for fire extinguishers in St. George, Utah? At Certified Fire and Security, our team offers handheld commercial fire extinguishers that our team installs into your business. These stop flames and minimize damage in the event of a fire. 

Our technicians will come to your business and identify high-risk areas and use that information to decide where the fire extinguishers should be. We offer class A, B, D, K and Purple-K extinguishers. 

Sprinklers and Fire Suppression Systems

If a fire occurs with no one present, flames spread rapidly. Fire suppressant systems and sprinklers can protect the area after-hours and control fires before the fire department arrives. We provide four main types of sprinkler systems: 

  • Wet pipe: These pipes store and release pressurized water as soon as they detect a fire. 
  • Dry pipe: Instead of water, these pipes store pressurized air or nitrogen. Once the system detects a fire, it releases water. 
  • Pre-action sprinkler: The fire must trip two sensors to activate this system, which reduces water waste. 
  • Deluge sprinkler: These pipes remain empty until they detect a fire, which they douse with water.

We also offer custom hazard suppression systems for businesses with high amounts of electronics or sensitive equipment. These systems use foam, dry chemicals or carbon dioxide to control fires. 

Professional Fire System Inspections

Routine, annual inspections are the best way to keep your system functioning smoothly. At Certified Fire and Security, we offer maintenance and testing all year. 

Regular inspections from a team of professionals have many benefits, including preventing false alarms and extending your system’s lifetime. Professional testing and servicing keep your system functioning and your employees safe. 

Schedule maintenance before an issue occurs. Our team performs professional fire system inspections in St. George, so you can feel secure knowing that your business has protection. 

Custom Fire Protection Systems in St. George 

Across the St. George area, business owners need fire protection. What’s more, different industries have particular safety concerns. That’s why we offer custom-made fire alarm systems that meet each client’s needs.

When you work with us, our team meets with you to discuss your safety concerns. We will go over the different options for detection, notification, alarms and suppressants. Afterward, we make our adjustments to meet National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) guidelines. Doing so ensures your new system complies with national and local fire codes. 

Protect Your St. George Business With Certified Fire and Security 

You can start your fire protection services during any season with Certified Fire and Security. Call us today at 435-674-5700 or contact our team online to begin installing your new fire protection system.