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Reasons Small Businesses Should Get a Security System

Jan 30, 2019

Do you need a small business security system? The answer is almost always "yes." Whether your business operates 24/7, whether you have a customer-facing aspect to your business, and even if you think you have no valuables to steal, there are inevitably very good reasons to protect yourself with a small business security system.

How Security Systems Can Help Protect Your Business

Security systems can protect your business from theft in all kinds of ways. If you have valuable inventory, the need for good security is obvious, but even if you do not, you probably have data to protect, which enterprising thieves can get to by breaking in and hacking your computers. Not to mention the fact that those computers and other office equipment and furniture also have value and can be stolen. Also keep in mind that even if you have a 24-hour presence in your facility, it does not necessarily protect you from employee theft or particularly emboldened thieves.

The right security system can help you with all of these things in a number of ways. Access control can make sure that only approved and authorized individuals get into sensitive areas. Video cameras can create a deterrent and get potential criminals to choose another target, or keep your employees honest. Motion sensors and burglar alarms can scare away criminals and alert you and authorities quickly to a potential break-in attempt.

Different Types of Security Systems

  • Access control: Access control systems let you decide who can access various areas within your business. You can keep new employees in the front and only allow your most trusted staff into the back. Your access control system can always alert you about who has entered which locations and when, so if something goes wrong, you’ll always know where to look. You can opt for code-based access control, a card- or fob-based system, or biometric access.
  • Motion sensors and burglar alarms: The classic motion sensors and burglar alarms are great for times when your facility should be unoccupied and can give you the peace of mind to leave your facility unattended, knowing that you will be alerted in case someone is lurking around when they shouldn’t be.
  • Commercial video surveillance: One of our most popular and effective commercial security options is a video surveillance system with 24/7 monitoring. Most potential intruders will stay away, but should someone attempt to gain entry or rob you, our live monitors will see it and it will be captured digitally, making apprehending the criminal and recovering any stolen material much simpler.

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For years, Certified Fire And Security has been known as the trusted source of great protection for small businesses throughout Utah, especially in the St. George and Salt Lake City areas. We have provided security for such companies as Jimmy John’s, Hampton Inn, Marriott and many more. These are businesses for whom security is paramount, and we can provide the same high-quality security solutions to you and your business, including access control systems, video surveillance with 24/7 monitoring and more. To find out how, contact us today.


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