Mobile Security Applications for Nevada and Utah Residents

One of the many benefits of using Certified Fire And Security for your home security system in Nevada or Utah is that we can pair your system with the home security mobile app. Nevada and Utah homes with a smartphone home security system are always safe and protected, no matter where in the state you happen to be.

If you have concerns about making sure your family is safe in your home, you may already have a home security system — but that probably doesn’t stop you from wondering what’s happening at home while you’re at work. Wouldn’t it be great if there were a home security camera app for Nevada and Utah homes that could let you check in whenever you want?

The great news is that not only does such technology exist, but our mobile security app does so much more than other security camera apps in Nevada and Utah, too — it gives you total control and access to what’s happening in your home.

How the Mobile Security App Works

Once we have installed your system and linked it to the app, you can control and receive alerts about virtually anything happening in your home from just about any wi-fi enabled mobile device, including iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows phones. Just access the app on your smartphone or tablet, and you’re in.

What does this mean? It means you can view the video surveillance you’ve set up in and around your home, including watching live video or video that has been previously recorded. You can also control systems you have linked to the app, such as turning on and off lights or adjusting the thermostat.

You can even set up custom alerts, schedules and geo services. Perhaps most importantly, our app pushes an alert notification to your device instantly if something is occurring at home you might need to know about, such as someone unlocking a door or opening your garage.

It’s safety, security and peace of mind all boiled down to a simple app on your tablet or phone.

More Ways to Take Advantage of Certified Fire And Security and Mobile Security

The functionality and convenience of mobile security doesn’t end there. If you use Apple products, there’s even more you can do. You can link the system to your Apple Watch, allowing you to control locks, lights, temperature and do everything else you can do on the app with your phone or tablet as simply as checking the time.

If you have Apple TV or Amazon Fire TV, you can stream your live video security feed to your TV to keep an eye on your home’s safety just as quickly as catching the local news.

Contact Certified Fire And Security to Learn More About Mobile Security Apps in Nevada and Utah Today

There are already plenty of reasons to choose Certified Fire And Security for your residential security in Nevada or Utah. We offer high-tech solutions, efficient, constant monitoring and the highest level of customer service. Now, you have even more reasons. The convenience of mobile security apps allows you to take peace of mind, safety and security to the next level. Nothing compares to knowing ultimate protection is at your fingertips. To learn more, call us at 435.674.5700 or contact us online today. Our offices are based in Salt Lake City and St. George, but we serve the entire state of Utah as well as the greater Las Vegas, Nevada area!