Residential Home Alarm Systems in Nevada and Utah

Today’s home alarm systems in Nevada and Utah can mean a lot more than just a simple burglar alarm. While a traditional burglar alarm can be an essential part of your home security alarm system, homes today need greater protection. The best home alarm companies in Nevada and Utah offer a combination of practical home security solutions that can include not just burglar alarms, but motion sensors, video monitoring and more.

Certified Fire And Security Is the Security Alarm Company for Your Home in Nevada or Utah for Complete Protection

Certified Fire And Security offers a range of wireless home alarm systems in Nevada and Utah to fit your needs and your budget, including:

  • Burglar Alarms: Our burglar alarms are highly sensitive, and you or another authorized user can easily arm or disarm them — no one else. A good residential alarm system is the first line of defense against potential intrusion, creating a loud, distracting sound that immediately attracts attention and scares off intruders.
  • Motion and Intrusion Sensors: Motion and intrusion sensors for residential properties in Nevada and Utah are a great additional layer of security for your home, especially if you have a considerable amount of property leading up to your house. Our highly-attuned motion sensors will alert you immediately to unauthorized activity near your home.
  • Video Monitoring: Home security alarm monitoring companies offer the best security systems today. Your Nevada or Utah home will feel extra safe when you can be alerted instantly when someone unfamiliar is detected poking around or trying to enter your home.
  • Video Surveillance: For extra peace of mind, we can set up an array of high-quality video cameras that record to cloud servers, so you can view what’s happening in or around your property anytime you want, from wherever you are. Don’t forget, these visible cameras are a great way to stop potential thieves from attempting to invade your home in the first place.
  • Fire, CO2 and Smoke Detection: Home invaders aren’t the only potential threats to your home and your family. We can link highly-effective fire, carbon monoxide and smoke detectors to your monitoring system so that we can alert you and the necessary emergency personnel almost instantly in the case of a fire or gas leak. The seconds you save could make all the difference.

Let Us Install Your Complete House Alarm System in Nevada or Utah Today

As one of the premier home alarm installation companies in Nevada and Utah, Certified Fire And Security can do it all. We have two offices located in Salt Lake City and St. George, and serve customers all across the state as well as the greater Las Vegas, Nevada area. We can help you design an alarm system with features that meet your most essential safety needs while fitting your budget, install it neatly, quickly and efficiently, and hook the whole thing up to a mobile app so you can control all your security features directly from your smartphone or tablet.

With mobile access, you’ll be able to relax knowing no matter where you are, you’ll be alerted immediately via your mobile device if there’s any potential threat to your home. You’ll also be able to control the system from that same device anywhere you can get a wireless connection, allowing you to lock and unlock doors, see when specific people have attempted entry and view video surveillance recordings. You’ll never worry about security because it’s all in your hands.

As a top security solutions alarm company, our trained experts have installed high-tech, highly-effective security systems for homes all over Nevada and Utah for years. We can give you the best advice as far as where to install your security features and which ones you need the most. If you’re ready for state-of-the-art safety for your Nevada or Utah home, want to learn more about how it all works or are interested in getting an estimate on your system, please contact us. You can reach us online or give us a call at 435.674.5700. Get started protecting yourself and your family today!