Professional Security System Installation in Utah

Unlike some alarm installation companies in Utah, Certified Fire And Security is a full-service company for alarm and video surveillance installation services in Utah. That means we sell all of the security technology, help plan the design of your security system, install the sensors, alarms and cameras and set you up with maintenance and monitoring of your system.

Once you choose Certified Fire And Security for alarm and security camera installation for your Utah home or business, your security worries will slip away.

Why Do You Need Home Alarm Installation Companies in Utah?

technician installing security system

It is true that some companies offer easy-to-install security cameras for Utah homes and businesses, allowing you to install your own cameras and alarms to try to save money. But is saving a few extra dollars by avoiding professional installation worth the risks?

Certified Fire And Security, based out of St. George and Salt Lake City, has a team of carefully vetted, rigorously tested, experienced alarm installers who have years of experience installing alarms and cameras for homes and businesses all over Utah. When you let us install your Certified Fire And Security burglar alarms, motion sensors, video surveillance equipment or fire, smoke or carbon monoxide detectors, you get a tremendous number of benefits, including:

  • Proper Placement: How do you know if your cameras are in the right place? When placing video cameras, you need to consider visibility, adequate coverage and other factors our installers know about instinctively. When you hire professional installers, you can be confident your cameras are appropriately placed for maximum security.
  • Proper Setup: It seems easy to set up your alarms and cameras and hook them up to a central unit — but is it? Can you be confident your system is functioning as it should be when you set it up yourself with no experience? You don’t want to find out during a break-in that you failed to connect a sensor or correctly configure the control panel.
  • No Injury or Damaged Equipment Risk: Placing video cameras may require climbing ladders or otherwise putting yourself in positions that could lead to injury. Furthermore, if you damage a camera while attempting to install it, you may have no recourse other than to buy a new one. Why not let us take all the risk?
  • Save Time and Headaches: Rather than fighting with cameras and alarms all day, then testing and retesting to make sure you’ve installed them correctly, you can let the pros handle it. We can go to work quickly and efficiently, optimizing your system so it’s ready to go while you relax. It costs a little more, but we think you’ll find it’s well worth the investment.

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Hopefully, we’ve convinced you of the benefits of letting our skilled, friendly, courteous professionals do the job. To schedule your installation, just call us at 435.674.5700, or contact us online today.