Body Temperature and Mask Detection Panels

Thorough security systems have always been a necessity in commercial spaces. Today, more than ever, businesses must adapt to shifting priorities and step up their safety procedures to increasingly focus on temperature regulation and mask detection. Certified Fire and Security is proud to introduce a new line of body temperature, mask detection and facial recognition panels designed to upgrade your screening capabilities.

New Cutting-Edge Body Temperature and Mask Detection Panels

At Certified Fire and Security, we strive to find innovative safety strategies for business owners. In line with this goal, we now offer a brand new mask detection system and body temperature access control device that you can easily integrate into your business location.

The panel has multiple capabilities to give you a greater level of control over who enters your building. You can adjust the device to monitor three levels of authentication.

1. Body Temperature Screening

The first level of authentication solely measures temperature. Incorporating this temperature screening kiosk into your Utah location provides a simple and quick way to manage the flow of visitors.

2. Facial Detection and Recognition

The second level of authentication includes both temperature measurements and face detection for added security. You’ll also have the option to require face recognition for restricted safety zones. 

3. Face Mask Detection

Use mask detection in conjunction with other screening methods to ensure only mask-wearers are granted indoor access. 

Connect Panels With Your Existing Access Control Systems

You can connect the device’s data — including all-in-one temperature monitoring, facial recognition and face mask detection — directly to your business’s existing access control systems. If you’re currently set up with Certified Fire and Security card access or biometric or facial recognition systems, these kiosks allow for seamless and straightforward integration. After connecting the device’s camera to your network, you can adjust the settings and access camera data just as you would with your existing systems.

The Business Benefits of a Reliable Mask Detection System

As a business owner, you’re probably adjusting to a constantly changing world. To succeed and stay relevant, you have to be quick on your feet and focus on long-term health and safety. The foreseeable future will likely revolve around incorporating face masks and temperature detection devices into everyday spaces, and you must learn how to integrate these capabilities with your current security systems. 

This is where the new body temperature and mask detection panels come into play. This cutting-edge technology allows you to take charge of your workplace’s safety in a whole new way — creating a comfortable environment for customers and employees. There are vast business benefits of reliable body temperature access technology:

  • Premium accuracy: The multifaceted mask detection, facial recognition and temperature measurement system is designed to be highly accurate. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with results you can trust.
  • Seamless integration: This new technology smoothly aligns with your existing access control and video surveillance systems, making for easy use and a straightforward installation.
  • Custom branding: Each panel has a space for customizable logos. This allows you to showcase your branding and advertise your business through programmable cycling ads.
  • Enhanced safety: It’s crucial to stand out as a health and safety leader. Customers notice and respect companies willing to go above and beyond to protect their well-being. While the future may be unpredictable, this is your chance to show you can adapt and stay on top of the times. This will help you build strong client and customer relationships — leaving a lasting impact on your business.

About Certified Fire and Security

Certified Fire and Security is your local full-service fire and security solutions provider. We design, modify and install security solutions for commercial and residential clients across Nevada and Utah. Our innovative approach keeps us fresh and constantly on the lookout for new ways to improve your security and enhance your peace of mind. We’re always willing to go the extra mile to ensure you feel confident in your security solutions. 

Enhance Your Safety With Body Temperature Screening and Mask Detection Devices

This the best time to invest in your safety and upgrade your security systems. Our team of experts is here to help craft, customize and set up state-of-the-art panels to help you better control who can enter your building. 

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