Access Control Systems in Utah

If you’re serious about protecting your Utah business, you first need to look at your door access control system. Utah businesses that are still relying on a key and lock instead of advanced entry systems to protect their assets are in great trouble of falling victim to sophisticated thieves. Today, access control security in Utah is more critical than ever. There is industrial espionage, shoplifting, vandalism, employee theft and many other dangers to consider.

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Reliable security access control systems from Utah security companies you know you can trust — like Certified Fire And Security — are the high-tech answer to these security threats. Certified Fire And Security offers a range of retail store, warehouse and office access control systems for Utah businesses to protect themselves.

Card Access Systems for Utah Businesses

Key card access control systems are a Utah business’ first line of defense against unwanted intrusion and theft. You can personalize each card to a specific employee, so they only get access to the rooms and areas you dictate.

Doors can remain locked at all times so no one besides authorized personnel can get to where they shouldn’t be. The system can also record every time someone swipes their card to gain access and alert, so you’ll know exactly who has gone where in your facility at all times.

For commercial security, swipe card door access control systems for Utah businesses are far from the only option. A related type of access control is fob access. The fob can be carried with personnel in their pocket so they can easily and quickly access areas where they need to go without having to fumble with a card or risk losing track of it.

Biometric Access Systems for Utah Businesses

As effective as key card access systems are, they have their drawbacks. People can always lose or misplace their card or fob, it can be stolen, or they can lend their access card to someone who is not authorized.

None of that can happen with a biometric method or access control. Biometrics use features unique to the individual, like a fingerprint or retinal pattern, to determine access. To enter a restricted area, an individual must have a fingerprint code, retinal pattern or whatever biometric data the system uses that is authorized. People with biometric access can never lose or give away their access method, as it is an integral part of them. Plus, as with key cards, you will have instant, ongoing access to who is requesting access to which areas and when.

Facial Recognition for Utah Businesses

Facial recognition is the current state-of-the-art in access control. A facial recognition feature uses a camera that can identify specific points of distinction on an individual’s face to determine exactly who is requesting entry, as well as whether or not they should be granted access, without the need of any other access-enabling device.

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