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Secure Your Business Without Compromising Your Employees’ Right to Privacy

Nov 29, 2018

Security cameras are vital for any business as they help you protect your assets from criminals. Burglars, for example, tend to avoid homes with security systems. It’s worthy to invest in security camera installation in Utah, but there are certain factors that you need to consider to prevent conflicts. One potential area of friction could be compromising your employees’ right to privacy.

Breaking Down Employee Privacy Rights

As an employer, you want to monitor the performance of your employees when they are at the workplace. Monitoring can be through different channels, including email, computer and workstation, and audio and video, among others.

When it comes to video monitoring, security cameras can help you maintain honest employees and efficient operations. You can also use surveillance cameras to discourage theft in your store or to identify the employees who are performing well.

Although federal law does not prevent video monitoring, using security cameras in your business comes with certain limitations or restrictions to avoid compromising your employees’ right to privacy. It’s important that your employees are aware of security cameras installed in your establishment.

Utah law places limitations on an employer’s right to monitor employees when it comes to surveillance. Of course, workers are not likely to have an expectation of privacy when at work; businesses don’t have full authority to keep an eye on them at all times. For example, you may not install hidden security cameras in private places. These places include areas in your office or establishment where employees can expect to be safe from intrusion or surveillance, such as bathrooms or locker rooms.

Understanding these limitations can help you strategically position your security cameras in the workplace.

Strategic Locations of Security Cameras

Installing security cameras in the right areas is not only easier for you to catch possible thieves, but it also gives your employees peace of mind. Your employees may appreciate how much you value their privacy, as well.

The front door is an ideal location for security cameras, be it for homes or businesses. Burglars are more likely to enter your establishment through the front door. Place your security camera at the second-floor level to prevent criminals from tampering with your camera.

Windows that are not in direct view of the street are also an ideal location for placing security cameras. Burglars prefer going through these windows because of they’re not likely to get caught. That’s why these areas increase your chances to catch the culprit.

The number of cameras varies depending on the size and layout of your business location. It’s best to invest in feature-packed cameras to make the most out your money.

Choosing the Right Security Cameras

The quality of your security cameras plays an important role to achieve an effective security system. There are two primary types of cameras, including Internet protocol (IP) cameras and the traditional analog cameras.

When it comes to the resolution, IP cameras are more powerful than traditional models. IP cameras can usually shoot footage between 1 megapixel and 5 megapixels, allowing for clear image quality and a larger field of vision.

We not only use top-grade products that meet your requirements. Our team also provides unparalleled workmanship for efficient security for your business without affecting your employees’ right to privacy.

Contact us today, and our team will help you learn more about our products and services.

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