Building a business takes time and effort. Beyond forcing you to start over, a fire can cause severe damage that can harm your building, products and staff. At Certified Fire and Security, we proudly serve businesses in the Salt Lake City area to help keep local businesses safe from fire. 

Custom Fire Protection Systems in Salt Lake City

We believe that every business needs fire protection explicitly designed for them. Fire protection is as personal as the product or service you provide. To effectively fight fires, we offer custom-made fire protection equipment that fits your needs and location. 

Our technicians will meet with you at your location and determine what type of service you should consider. We’ll go over the options for notification, detection, alarms and suppression. Using your preferences, our team will develop a system that meets National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) guidelines and national and local fire codes. 

Around-the-clock fire monitoring keeps your business protected at all times.

Fire Extinguishers

Handheld fire extinguishers help suppress flames in the event of a fire, so they must be easy to access during an emergency. Our options include class A, B, D, K and Purple-K extinguishers. 

Our technicians will look for high-traffic areas in your business and find the best locations to install fire extinguishers. Having this equipment on-hand gives you the power to protect yourself and your staff in an emergency. Hire us to implement fire extinguishers in your Salt Lake City business.

Sprinklers and Suppression Systems

Our sprinklers can prevent flames from damaging your business. Our technicians will recommend one of these four options to meet your needs:

  • Pre-action sprinkler: This system has two sensors instead of one, so the sprinkler is unlikely to react to false alarms. 
  • Deluge sprinkler: Deluge pipes remain empty until they detect a fire, causing them to fill with water to douse the flames. 
  • Wet pipe: These store water inside until a fire occurs, ready to spray pressurized water. 
  • Dry pipe: Dry pipes contain air or nitrogen instead of water, and water rushes in during a fire.

Our team of professionals will determine which sprinklers fit your need. We also have specialized units that replace sprinklers if your business has many electronics or essential equipment. These systems may use foam, chemicals or carbon dioxide to stop fires. 

Professional Fire System Inspections in Salt Lake City

The best way to keep your fire system working at its peak is to have regular, professional equipment inspections. We offer expert service and maintenance around the clock. Count on us for quality inspections to get the most out of your system. 

Some benefits of regular inspections include: 

  • Increasing the lifetime of your system. 
  • Lowering the chance of false alarms. 
  • Repairing any faults in advance. 

Keep your fire detection systems running for a long time with regular checkups from your team at Certified Fire and Security. 

Fire Protection for Salt Lake City Businesses From Certified Fire and Security

Protect your business today with Certified Fire and Security. Call us at 435-674-5700 or contact us online for a new fire safety system.