Questions to Ask When Shopping for a New Business Security System

Questions to Ask When Shopping for a New Commercial Security System

Apr 1, 2019

Since working with a commercial security company and installing a system is an investment, you will want to make sure you get the right fit. You can increase the chances of getting the best commercial security system for your business by asking the following questions before you buy or sign up for any services:

What Are My Needs?

Think about why you are considering a security system in the first place. Do you travel often and want a way to keep tabs on your property? If so, you may want a smart system that lets you control your business, and provides remote monitoring, through an app. Do you have valuables you want to protect? In that case, you may want a robust system which focuses on motion detection or silent alarms. Start by identifying what's important for you.

What Equipment and Services Do I Need?

You may be interested in 24/7 professional monitoring and comprehensive help when you need it. Think about whether you want features such as window sensors, motion detectors, door sensors, surveillance cameras, automation features and more. Do you want to be able to be alerted of smoke or carbon monoxide while you are away? Once you know your needs, you will be able to target the services and security features you do and do not need.

What Is My Budget?

Before you even speak with a business security company, you may want to consider how much you want to pay for equipment and monthly monitoring. Some companies, such as Certified Fire And Security, even have packages to help you get robust security options at prices to fit your budget.

What Is the Contract Like?

Before signing anything, read the fine print over carefully. Pay extra attention to warranties to make sure you understand what is and is not covered. Also take note of the cancellation policies. If you are not happy or you move your business to a new location, will it be easy to move or cancel your service? Will the price go up and are there any limits as to how much the price can increase over time?

If you don’t understand something, ask. A serious company like Certified Fire And Security will make sure you understand everything and will be transparent about all policies.

What Are My Future Plans?

While no one has a crystal ball to predict the future, keep in mind that security systems are an investment. If you are signing a three-year contract, for example, consider whether there is a chance you will move locations in the next three years. If you plan to add to or renovate your building extensively soon, will that affect your security system or smart system?

Does My Property Have the Necessary Features?

Most business security systems require a broadband or cellular connection or a landline. Make sure your property has the requisites needed for your security system to work well.

If you're ready to discuss getting a security system for your Utah business, contact Certified Fire And Security today. You can also reach our team of friendly experts at 435.674.5700.


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