Protect Your Business: Preparing Your Employees for a Fire Emergency

Aug 8, 2018

Fires are largely unpredictable events, but these accidents can occur every day. Surprisingly, they happen because a majority of businesses lack emergency preparedness. The consequences of this oversight could be grave: it could result in productivity losses and property damage.

Hiring a fire protection service in Utah is a good way to protect your business and stay on top of potential hazards at your facility. This type of service also helps to prepare your team for the worst and educate them on the importance of fire safety.

Create an Emergency Action Plan

The actions taken during the first few minutes of an emergency are crucial. This is why every company needs its own emergency action plan.

An emergency action plan is a document that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires. It guides employers and employees during an emergency. Consulting the checklist can help equip workers with the essential skills and tools during unexpected disasters.

A good emergency plan contains the following:

  • Escape route diagrams – Every emergency action procedure should come with a floor plan that shows all the possible evacuation routes in a building. These include primary, secondary, and exterior assembly exits that everyone can access. Indicate fire extinguishers, standpipe stations, fire alarm pull stations, and fire lanes on the diagram for easier reference.
  • Evacuation policies – These procedures explain crowd control techniques, methods for reporting incidents to the fire department, and how to assist persons with disabilities during an emergency.
  • Tasks for specific team members – It helps to have people on the team who can conduct rescue and medical duties or assist employees in evacuating the building. Some individuals can even stay behind and do critical plant operations if possible.

Educate Employees on Fire Prevention Methods

The proper preventative training can prevent a fire from igniting. These reminders can help train workers in preventing a fire:

  1. Ensure adequate ventilation while using chemicals in areas with heat sources
  2. Store flammable products like paper, boxes, and linen away from heat sources and cooking surfaces
  3. Stay on top of maintenance schedules to reduce the buildup of flammable grease
  4. Dispose of cardboard boxes and other flammable items properly
  5. Keep hallways and emergency exits clear in case of an evacuation

Additional training and hands-on practice can also help employees respond to fire emergencies properly. Some useful training sessions businesses can conduct include:

  • Fire drills – A successful emergency action plan lies in conducting regular fire drills. These exercises can help employees practice their roles and responsibilities in case a disaster strikes.
  • Fire extinguisher training – This teaches employees how to use a fire extinguisher so they can put out small fires to prevent further damage and injuries.
  • Shutdown procedures – Employees who go through this training can stay behind and shut down critical building operations.

Optimize Fire Safety with the Right Help

Certified Fire & Security is a licensed fire protection company that has been serving the western United States since 2002. Its factory-trained technicians are qualified to install fire protection equipment, including fire alarms, sprinklers, suppression systems, and more.

We offer innovative solutions at an affordable price. Contact us to discuss your fire protection needs today.

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