The National Fire Protection Association sets stringent warehouse fire sprinkler requirements to help save lives and mitigate losses. Their 2016 study shows that U.S. fire departments respond to over 1,200 warehouse fires a year on average, generally caused by electrical or heating equipment, fire exposure, smoking materials and arson. Warehouse fires cause expensive property damage and even lead to the loss of life, but the presence of sprinkler systems alone reduced civilian death by 61% per 1,000 fires.

At Certified Fire and Security, we’re committed to developing warehouse fire safety solutions for facilities in and around Salt Lake City and St. George, Utah as well as Nevada. We offer affordable rates on the most effective warehouse fire protection services in the area.

Consultation and Design

You need a warehouse fire prevention strategy that is tailored to your unique needs. That’s why we collaborate with warehouse owners to design a custom fire alarm system that meets your building’s specifications and your local fire marshal’s regulations. Whether you’re updating your old fire safety system, breaking ground on a new facility or beginning an expansion project, Certified Fire and Security will work with you to ensure your staff’s safety and prevent costly damage.

Warehouse Fire System Installation Services

We are a top source for fire system installation in Nevada and Utah. We can install fast-acting fire alarms, sprinklers and other suppression systems to protect your employees and stifle fires before they cause tremendous damage. You can also call us to install backflow prevention mechanisms, kitchen hoods and paint booths.

Warehouse Fire System Inspection, Maintenance and Repair

Are you confident that your fire alarms and sprinklers are fully functional and up to code? Regular maintenance and inspections can ensure that your fire safety system functions properly when you need it most. During a maintenance appointment, we will test your sprinklers, alarms, emergency exit signs and more. If we detect a problem, our team can make a quick fix or schedule a follow-up appointment if more extensive services are necessary.

Essential Fire Safety Products

Fill your warehouse supply room with the products you need to respond to a fire. We carry fire extinguishers and two types of cleaning agents — FM-200 ad Novec 1230. We also provide fire doors to contain smoke and flames during a fire.

24/7 Safety Monitoring

Gain peace of mind by implementing a 24/7 monitoring system for your warehouse. Through our partnerships with various Five Diamond-certified monitoring centers, we’ve developed a fast-acting system that will send immediate help to your warehouse when your detectors sense smoke. Monitor individual rooms as well as elevators for multi-level buildings to help save lives.

Partner With Certified Fire and Security Today

Our certified technicians and fire safety technology make Certified Fire and Security your source for warehouse fire protection in Salt Lake City, St. George and other cities in and around Utah as well as areas throughout Nevada. You will benefit from the personal attention of a locally owned business as well as our industry-leading connections and service.

For a free consultation or to schedule a service appointment, contact us today.