School administrators carry the responsibility of keeping their campus up to code and protecting their students and faculty. Fire safety is an essential component of facilitating a safe learning environment. Certified Fire and Security is committed to implementing effective fire systems for colleges and universities in and around the states of Nevada and Utah. As a locally owned business, we consider school protection in our community to be a top priority.

Consultation and Design

It’s essential to have a fire safety solution that is customized for your specific building. That’s why Certified Fire and Security works directly with schools and universities to develop a unique fire safety system that meets your campus’s exact needs. We’ll collaborate with you to provide the best protection for your students and faculty and ensure you meet your local fire marshal’s requirements.

Fire System Installation Services

Backed by our team of certified service technicians, Certified Fire and Security is a leader in fire safety system installation in and around Nevada and Utah. We can provide fast installation services for fire alarms, kitchen hoods, sprinkler and suppression systems and other essentials that protect your students and faculty.

Fire System Inspection, Maintenance and Repair

In the event of a fire at your school or university, a malfunctioning sprinkler system or broken fire alarm can be costly. It’s important to schedule fire system maintenance and inspection services to ensure your fire contingencies are fully operational and up to date with the latest code requirements. At Certified Fire and Security, we offer inspection, maintenance and repair services for schools in Salt Lake City, St. George, areas throughout Nevada.

We will test your sprinklers, alarms, emergency exit signs and other fire safety systems to ensure they function as expected. If we detect a problem, our service team can make a quick fix, or we’ll schedule an appointment to return with the necessary equipment.

Essential Fire Safety Products

Take control of fire safety by stocking your supply room with essential tools from Certified Fire and Security. We have fire extinguishers as well as two types of cleaning agents — Novec 1230 and FM-200. We also carry fire doors that will help prevent the spread of flames and smoke during a fire.

24/7 Monitoring

Increase fire safety at your school or university with the help of a watchful eye. We’ve collaborated with the area’s top Five Diamond-certified monitoring centers to develop a fast-acting monitoring system that will protect your campus around the clock.

Our monitoring system prevents extensive property damage and mitigates injury by immediately signaling a central monitoring station upon the detection of smoke. You can monitor individual rooms and hallways — as well as elevators for multi-level buildings — to highlight the affected area for quick emergency response.

Why Work With Certified Fire and Security?

We are an excellent choice for school administrators looking to improve their campus’s fire safety in Salt Lake City, St. George, and other cities in and around Utah and Nevada. With us, you’ll benefit from the personal touch of a locally owned business combined with our world-class service.

To schedule a service appointment or start your free consultation, contact us today!