Fire can cause significant damage to industrial property, not to mention the employees working inside. When planning safety measures to protect employees and products at your manufacturing plant, fire safety should be a top priority.

At Certified Fire and Security, we’re committed to providing effective industrial fire protection systems to manufacturing plants in St. George and Salt Lake City, Utah as well as cities in surrounding states like Nevada. Our services will help you stay up to code and ensure the safety of the people in your facility.

Consultation and Design

A fire safety solution for your commercial property should be designed with your exact building in mind. That’s why Certified Fire and Security works directly with owners to develop a manufacturing plant fire protection plan that meets your exact specifications. Work with us to design a fire safety system for your new plant or expansion project. We can also help replace your old system to meet today’s safety standards and provide maximum protection to your staff.

Fire System Installation

A fast-acting fire safety system makes a difference, saving lives and preventing extensive damage to your facility. We provide installation of various industrial fire systems for manufacturing plants. Our team of certified technicians operates in accordance with all relevant guidelines to install fire sprinkler and suppression systems as well as other necessities like kitchen hoods and backflow prevention that help to stifle fires and minimize damage.

Inspection, Repair and Maintenance

A fire safety system defect or code violation can lead to damage and expenses that could have easily been prevented. Ensure your system’s functionality with inspection and maintenance services. Our highly trained service professionals will test your emergency exit lights, fire alarms, sprinklers and more. If there’s an issue, we can provide a rapid repair or schedule an appointment to bring the right tools for the job.

Fire Safety Products

Take control of your industrial fire safety by keeping the right supplies on hand. Certified Fire and Security carries fire extinguishers as well as two kinds of cleaning agents — FM-200 and Novec 1230 — that you can use to put out small fires before they spread. We also have fire doors to prevent the spread of smoke and flames beyond the affected area.

24/7 Facility Monitoring

Protect your manufacturing facility around the clock with our 24/7 monitoring system. We’ve partnered with various Five Diamond-certified monitoring centers to develop a fast-acting monitoring system that sends immediate help to your facility in the event of a fire, protecting your facility and — above all — the people inside.

Why Choose Certified Fire and Security?

As a locally owned and operated business in Utah, we provide the personal attention needed to support optimum fire safety in manufacturing facilities. We’re also proud to have lasting connections with leaders in the fire safety industry as well as local fire marshals to ensure your business receives world-class protection.

To schedule a free consultation with our team, contact Certified Fire and Security today!