Businesses dealing with electronics and sensitive data must have a fire-safe system in place to defend against damages. It only takes seconds for a catastrophe to occur, causing you to lose product inventory, personal belongings and even lives. Special hazard fire protection systems can be the difference between a small cleanup and having to relocate to a different building because the appropriate technology was not in place.

Here at Certified Fire and Security, we specialize in the design, assembly and installation of fire hazard systems for your commercial space in the states of Nevada and Utah. Our professionals will drive out to your location to help you prepare for the unexpected.

What Are Special Hazard Systems?

Special hazard systems are engineered to detect and control fires in environments unfit for traditional water sprinklers. This technology is responsible for alerting nearby employees and releasing agents to limit devastation. The goal behind incorporating a special hazard fire protection system is to save lives and shield valuable documents and assets that are irreplaceable.

A special hazard system setup features a suppression method geared to eliminate messes in a confined space. Your industry will determine which type of agent is the best choice for your applications, whether it’s high-pressure carbon dioxide, foams or dry chemicals.

benefits of installing a special hazard system

Benefits of Installing a Special Hazard System

Using a special hazard fire protection system enables business owners to create a custom plan for emergencies. These installations are fast-acting, run 24/7/365 and help you minimize losses. Managers and decision-makers get the satisfaction of knowing employees, security personnel and customers can evacuate safely before a fire spirals out of control.

Special hazard systems also give you the convenience of having heat sensors, alarms and suppression components housed together in the same setup. There is no need to configure multiple fire protection systems together and hope for the best.

Where to Install Special Hazard Fire Protection Systems

Special hazard systems are versatile enough for rooms of all sizes. From power equipment areas to data centers, installations are flexible and will safeguard the resources you rely on for success. Some common places you might find a special hazard fire protection system include:

  • Museums and art galleries
  • Telecommunication centers
  • Manufacturing and industrial facilities
  • Health care offices
  • Archive rooms
  • Aircraft hangers
  • Power plants

Why Work With Certified Fire and Security?

Certified Fire and Security has offices inĀ St. George and Salt Lake City, Utah. We travel throughout the state to help you configure a special hazard fire protection system that works for your budget and exceeds your expectations. We’re happy to walk you through user settings and features to come up with a tailored solution for your field.

Finally, you can get peace of mind with our innovative protection systems that mitigate business interruptions. Certified Fire and Security partners with top-of-the-line manufacturers in the industry to connect you to products that are reliable and built to last. We’re trained and certified to install and service your investments so that you’re the first to know when a potential threat is detected in the workplace.

Contact Us for Further Information About Special Hazard Systems

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