What’s more important than protecting your home and your family? If you’re like most people, the answer is probably nothing. That’s why when you’re looking for fire protection, you want a complete fire alarm system. In Nevada and Utah, the company people come to for peace of mind when it comes to home fire safety is Certified Fire And Security.

Why Certified Fire And Security?

Why Certified Fire And Security? Because we offer not only state-of-the-art fire and smoke detection equipment, but we can also link your fire detection to a residential fire alarm monitoring service. If a Nevada or Utah home catches fire, the extra minutes you can gain from an alert from a 24/7 monitoring station that danger is near could save a life. We also have offices located in both St. George and Salt Lake City, as well as serving areas throughout Nevada. This allows for quick setup and service from our nearest location.

How Our Fire, Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detection Systems Work

smoke detector fire alarm

When you call Certified Fire And Security for residential fire alarm protection, we’ll come to your home and determine the best fire and smoke protection options for your home layout and your budget. We will locate the best areas to install carbon monoxide detectors, smoke detectors and fire detectors for the earliest possible notification of an emergency.

We can not only link your alarms to our ‘round the clock monitoring center, but we can customize your system in a variety of different ways.

We can set your system so you’re notified instantly on your mobile device whenever one of the alarms goes off, allowing you to act quickly and respond even if you’re away from the house. If you’ve had us install home automation, we can have the system take safety measures like turning off your air conditioning so it doesn’t spread smoke or gas when the system is triggered, or sending you video images so you or emergency personnel can see exactly what is happening.

Protect Yourself, Your Home and Your Family from Fire, Smoke and Gas Danger With Certified Fire And Security Today

One of the first things you may notice once we have installed a complete fire safety system in your home is how soundly you sleep. There is little to compare with the peace of mind of knowing your home is being monitored, and you and your family will be notified immediately if there is any smoke, fire or gas threat.

If you’re ready to enjoy that level of peace of mind and safety in your home when it comes to fire, smoke or carbon monoxide dangers, we can help. Just contact us online or give us a call right now at 435.674.5700 to talk with one of our pros about how we can set up a personalized fire, smoke and carbon monoxide solution for you and your family.