More than 400 people a year die from accidental carbon monoxide poisoning. The most tragic fact about this statistic is that many of these deaths may have been avoidable with a proper carbon monoxide alarm. Nevada and Utah homes that are not equipped with a capable gas leak detector put everyone who lives in that home at risk.

Why Is a Carbon Monoxide Detector in Your Nevada and Utah Home So Important?

What is carbon monoxide? It is a colorless, odorless gas that can be produced by a leak in your heating system. Unlike the gas that comes from your stove, which has a distinctive odor added to it, the only reliable way to know if deadly carbon monoxide gas is leaking into your home is with an electronic gas leak detector. By the time you start feeling the effects of carbon monoxide poisoning, such as dizziness and nausea, it may already be too late.

Nevada and Utah residents and businesses in need of carbon monoxide detection systems should turn to Certified Fire And Security now for their safety and the safety of their families or employees.

Why Certified Fire And Security for Your Gas Detector Alarm for Nevada and Utah Homes and Businesses?

Certified Fire And Security can offer you more than just a gas sensor. Nevada and Utah homes and businesses that contact us for carbon monoxide leak detection get not only highly sensitive, sophisticated alarms that can detect even low levels of carbon monoxide, but you also get trained security and safety engineers who can assess your home or business to determine just the right places to install your alarms. We can then connect those alarms quickly and efficiently, so you can enjoy complete protection right away.

More importantly, we can link your carbon monoxide alarm system to your mobile device so you will receive instant alerts the moment the alarm is triggered. This can make a vital difference if you’re outside the home when the leak occurs. It can allow you to contact anyone who may be in the house so you can get them to evacuate immediately, as well as alert you not to re-enter the home until it is safe. It also gives you the opportunity to alert the proper emergency personnel.

When you contact Certified Fire And Security, be sure to ask about this and other features, such as setting your HVAC system so it automatically shuts down in the case of a carbon monoxide leak detection to prevent the spread of the gas.

Contact Certified Fire And Security Right Now for Reliable Carbon Monoxide Detector Installation

Shortly after you get in touch with us, we can come to your home from our nearest location in either St. George or Salt Lake City and begin setting up your alarm system, which can also include fire detection and smoke detection for a complete home or business fire safety and protection.

Every minute you go without proper carbon monoxide alarms in your home is a minute you’re putting your family or employees at risk. Contact us online immediately to discuss the installation of your system, or give us a call at 435.674.5700. One of our expert professional alarm system agents will be happy to assist you with information, cost estimates or scheduling installation service.