Fire Extinguishers in Nevada & Utah

It’s possible for you or an employee to encounter a fire firsthand. Before the local fire department arrives, a fire extinguisher can help you control the problem and potentially preserve the area — or even the whole structure. Preparing for the unexpected saves lives and minimizes damages in the home or workplace, so Certified Fire and Security connects buyers in Nevada and Utah to commercial and residential fire extinguishers.

These devices enable you to fight fires before they get a chance to spread. Whether you need specialized fire extinguishers or your current installations are out of date, Certified Fire and Security is your source for mounting, inspection and maintenance services.

What Is a Fire Extinguisher?

Fire extinguishers are compact devices used to put out small flames. These investments are designed for individual use and should be placed near environmental hazards like heat-sensitive equipment, appliances and chemicals.

Fire extinguishers work differently based on class. However, most devices require users to stand several feet away from a fire and pull a plug to eliminate a tank seal. Pressing down on a nozzle causes the agent of your choice to leave the tank in a pressurized spray, which suffocates the fire.

Types of Fire Extinguisher Systems We Supply

Fire extinguishers are classified using a series of letters. This identification system comes into play when determining the source of a fire. Certified Fire and Security connects you to the following fire extinguishers for businesses:

  • Class A:
    Suitable for solid combustible materials including wood, rubber and plastic products.
  • Class B:
    Designed to diminish fires involving liquid paint, gasoline or grease.
  • Class C:
    A safe method to douse fires caused by electrical components
  • Class D:
    Appropriate for flammable metals.
  • Class K:
    Specifically for kitchen fires originating from cooking fats and oils.
  • Purple-K Class:
    Feature dry chemical agents that are purple in color. These agents can control extreme class B fires using potassium bicarbonate.

Select fire extinguishers are safe to use on multiple fire types. Certified Fire and Security can introduce you to ABC and BC varieties for versatility.

Our Installation Process

We visit your commercial location in Nevada and Utah and evaluate your needs to determine which fire extinguishers to recommend. We’ll perform a walkthrough of your facility to pinpoint environmental hazards that leave room for concern. Our technicians have experience mounting portable fire extinguishers within wall mounts and cabinets for accessibility.

From brand-new buildings to existing structures, we’ll place fire extinguishers in high-traffic locations. Speak to one of our representatives about your building layout, as we can fasten devices to drywall, steel, concrete and wooden surfaces.

Recommendations for Maintaining Fire Extinguishers

Once we install your commercial fire extinguishers, have us return throughout the year for testing and maintenance. It is recommended you have a trained expert look over your investments at least once per year. Our technicians draw from years of field experience to help you:

Assess fire extinguisher tank pressure.

Look over fire extinguishers for cosmetic damages.

Inspect tank seals.

Recharge units so they stay ready to go.

Why Certified Fire for Commercial Fire Extinguishers?

Certified Fire and Security specializes in the design and customization of fire protection systems. We’re your leading source for fire-safe technology from top-notch manufacturers you can trust to keep employees, merchandise and buildings safe. Our team has a wide service area that includes St. George, Salt Lake City, Cedar City, Utah as well as areas throughout Nevada.


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