Fire Alarms in Nevada and Utah

Each year, fires cause extensive property damage to Nevada and Utah businesses. In some situations, a blaze results in injuries and death. Professionally installed commercial fire alarms provide the early warning that can often prevent these tragedies from occurring.

If you operate a commercial establishment in Nevada or Utah, turn to the experts at Certified Fire and Security to protect your property. While we offer smoke detectors for homes, we also design, install and maintain high-quality fire alarm systems for businesses that you can trust to safeguard your assets and keep your employees, customers and vendors safe.

What Types of Fire Alarm Systems Are Available?

Fire alarm systems for businesses are much different than the 120V stand-alone smoke detectors typically installed by electrical contractors during residential construction projects or the battery-operated models added by homeowners. Commercial fire alarms are complex systems that require expert installation to ensure they function properly and comply with all applicable building codes.

Certified Fire and Security offers two types of commercial fire alarm systems in Nevada and Utah — conventional and addressable.

Conventional Fire Alarm Systems

These traditional systems have been around for decades and typically serve the needs of smaller commercial establishments. They consist of several “zones” within a building, each containing an individually wired device connected to a main control panel.

While this setup is sufficient for smaller buildings, it can’t indicate which device is triggering the alarm, making it difficult to pinpoint a fire’s location in a more expansive facility.

Addressable Fire Alarm Systems

With an addressable system, each device is connected to a mapped network that operates on a single circuit. All devices have individual identifiers and address numbers that enable the control panel to target the fire’s exact location. This feature makes an addressable configuration the better fire protection option for warehouses, factories and other more expansive commercial facilities.

How Does the Commercial Fire Alarm Installation Process Work?

These days, many residential systems offer wireless technology that provides maximum device placement flexibility and enables a fast, relatively simple setup process.

In contrast, the complexity of business fire alarm systems requires installation by certified professionals. These hard-wired units demand extensive electrical expertise. Commercial configurations must also comply with strict national and local codes to ensure safe operation.

Why Choose Certified Fire and Security?

Certified Fire and Security offers cutting-edge fire alarm systems for businesses from Honeywell, including Farenhyt, Gamewell/FCI, Silent Knight and Fire-Lite branded systems. We also provide expert installation services. Our team consists of certified installers who adhere to the National Fire Protection Association fire code regarding device wiring and placement.

With service areas in St. George and Salt Lake City, we’re able to provide prompt, reliable service to businesses across Nevada and Utah. We take pride in our ability to meet every customer’s unique fire protection requirements.

Explore Your Options for Fire Alarms in Nevada and Utah Today

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