Commercial Fire Systems Service and Inspections in Nevada and Utah

Business owners operating near St. George and Salt Lake City, Utah, must have a commercial fire protection system in place to respond to emergencies, minimize damages and save lives. Decision-makers might think a single fire alarm does a sufficient job of alerting workers nearby, but a comprehensive system can do far more than that. 

Fire-safe technology from Certified Fire and Security can diminish flames, alert local fire departments and increase the chances of your structure making it through the blaze. Once you have this type of system in place, routine inspections and maintenance plans are the key to prolonging the life of your investments.

Much like automobiles, commercial fire systems call for a professional set of eyes to assess their components. Your installations only serve you well when they’re in working condition, so we’re proud to offer clients in Nevada and Utah 24/7/365 testing and maintenance services. Have our certified technicians visit your location to verify that your system is operational for your peace of mind.

About Fire System Testing and Inspections

If you own or rent a commercial building, you want a fire protection system engineered to alert you at the first sign of a problem. It is your responsibility as a business owner to create an environment in which employees, products and machines are out of harm’s way, and this is possible by having one of our experts follow a step-by-step inspection checklist. 

Technicians at Certified Fire and Security analyze fire system connections, power sources, switches and more to help you stay up to code on a local and national level. Have our team visit your business, and we’ll ensure your custom assembly reacts appropriately and remains in compliance with guidelines set by the National Fire Protection Association.

Types of Inspections We Perform

Reach out to one of our representatives to learn more about our offerings:

  • Fire sprinkler inspections
  • Fire alarm inspections
  • Fire extinguisher inspections
  • Fire pump testing
  • Special hazard system inspections
  • Preaction system inspections
  • Dry system assessments
  • Foam system assessments
  • Kitchen hood system inspections

Advantages of Fire Protection System Inspections

Certified Fire and Security recommends having your fire protection system inspected on a semiannual basis. From fire suppression system inspections to fire sprinkler tests, we follow the requirements of your industry to adjust sensitivity levels as needed.

Some advantages of our commercial fire system inspections in Nevada and Utah include:

  • Catching system issues before they interfere with performance.
  • Obtaining proof of testing for insurance purposes.
  • Qualifying for insurance benefits.
  • Limiting false alarms.

Commercial Fire System Maintenance Services in Nevada and Utah

Commercial fire system inspections tell us which parts of your investments need attention. Depending on the age of your installations, keeping an eye out for wear and tear is crucial. The older your system is, the greater the likelihood a Certified Fire and Security technician will have to perform a repair.

Under no circumstance should anyone attempt to perform maintenance services to fire sprinklers, alarms or suppression systems without a trained professional. The technicians at Certified Fire and Security rely on a multistep process to troubleshoot your installations and choose the right approach to control the problem.

Our staff maintains industry-leading technology from well-known brands. We’ll eliminate guesswork during your fire system service appointment by paying close attention to guidelines for batteries, sensors and calibrations determined by the manufacturer.

Benefits of Commercial Fire System Preventive Maintenance Plans

Ignoring fire system maintenance can have devastating consequences. It only takes one small fire to impact your reputation for the rest of your years in business. At Certified Fire and Security, we understand it can be difficult to keep track of fire system requirements, so we allow you to schedule preventive maintenance services months in advance.

Our crews will stop by your facilities at predetermined times throughout the year, making sure all fire-safe components are in peak operating condition. The inspection and maintenance services we provide go hand in hand. If we spot anything out of the ordinary during the testing phase, we explain your options for upkeep and will order the exact parts you need for the technology in your commercial space.

If we’re unable to complete the service request at the time of the inspection, we’ll document the complication and give you a quote to return at a time convenient for you.

Why Certified Fire and Security for Commercial Fire Systems Service and Inspections?

Our company is locally owned and we serve business owners in St. GeorgeSalt Lake City and surrounding locations in Utah and Nevada. We are your go-to source for fire system design and installation services that protect your most valuable assets. If your current setup is outdated or in need of repair, we’ll help you come up with an affordable solution tailored to meet your demands for safety.

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