If you have a business in Nevada or Utah, you must have an adequate smoke and fire protection plan. Commercial smoke detectors are a Utah business requirement, but if you really want to protect your business, you need much more. When looking at commercial fire alarm companies in Nevada and Utah, you want one that will offer you complete protection.

From fire and smoke alarms to pull stations, tamper switches, smoke and gas detectors and commercial fire alarm monitoring in Nevada and Utah, the company to turn to is Certified Fire And Security, based in St. George and Salt Lake City, with service locations spanning Nevada.

Why Is Finding the Right Commercial Fire Alarm System in Nevada and Utah So Important?

Millions and millions of dollars’ worth of commercial property are lost every year due to fire. In far too many cases, a large percentage of those losses could have been avoided with the right commercial fire protection. Once a fire starts, it spreads rapidly, and if you do not have a system for a quick response in place, your entire business could literally go up in smoke in a matter of minutes.

Seconds count when it comes to protecting your business from fire, which is why having the right alarm system in place is so vital.

Why Is Certified Fire And Security the Right Company for Commercial Fire Alarm Systems in Nevada and Utah?

Certified Fire And Security brings a high-tech approach to business fire protection. We install the best possible equipment linked to the best possible software, installed by rigorously tested personnel who we know can do the job. When we install your fire, smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, you can be confident they’ll trigger at the first sign of danger, allowing you to take fast and decisive action.

fire pull station

Perhaps most importantly, when you purchase a fire alarm system from Certified Fire And Security, you have access to our 24/7 monitoring center. That means trained professionals ready to alert you of any issues, and the fire department the instant a fire begins to rage in your establishment. Without said monitoring, by the time the alarm rings and the fire department is on its way, a significant amount of damage could already have been done — especially if the conflagration happens at night when fewer people are around to notice.

When you have our fire alarm monitoring working for you, both you and the emergency services can spring right into action. The fire department has less to worry about regarding a possible false alarm since our monitoring service verifies the emergency. So, they can react faster and be ready to respond to an actual fire immediately. Those seconds or minutes you save could mean the difference between you being able to open the next day, the next week, the next month or never again.

Let Certified Fire And Security Put Your Business Fire Protection Concerns to Rest Now

By law, you’re required to install fire detection and protection in your business, anyway. Why not let the experts install the best possible system for your business — one that will really work when you need it? We can tailor a strategic custom fire protection and alarm plan that fits your specific business, adjusting your budget and protecting your business where you need it.

To find out how to truly protect your business from the potential dangers of fire, smoke and carbon monoxide, get in touch with us at 435.674.5700 or contact us online today.