When you start a business, you invest time, money and effort into your building, products and staff. As a business owner, your safety precautions have a significant impact on your business. 

We know what it takes to keep your business safe. Certified Fire and Security provides fire protection for businesses in the Cedar City area. 

Fire Protection for Cedar City Businesses 

We offer various methods of fire damage prevention. With reliable emergency systems and 24/7 area monitoring, you can verify that your system is doing its job while you’re away. 

Fire Extinguishers

Our handheld fire extinguishers stop flames from spreading in emergencies. We’ll come to your business, map out high-traffic locations and install the extinguishers. Our professionals position fire extinguishers so that you can easily access them in high-risk areas. 

We offer class A, B, D, K and Purple-K extinguishers to fit various circumstances. Our team will help you choose the best fire extinguishers for your Cedar City business.

Sprinklers and Suppressant Systems

Our sprinkler systems come in four different types. 

Wet pipes store pressurized water inside and release the water when they detect flames. Dry pipes store pressurized air or nitrogen and only fill with and release water during a fire. 

Pre-action sprinklers have two sensors rather than one, so they prevent false alarms. These systems also combat wasted water by not releasing until flames activate both sensors. When Deluge sprinklers detect a fire, they pull water and release it. 

We also offer custom fire suppressant systems that use carbon dioxide, foam or other dry chemicals to extinguish fires. These systems are ideal for businesses with electronics or sensitive equipment. 

Custom Fire Protection Systems in Cedar City

We understand that fire protection is unique to each building, so we offer custom-designed fire protection systems that fit your location. Our team crafts each design to match your business and maximize efficiency. 

After you decide on a custom design, our technicians will meet with you to survey the area for hazards and address your concerns. Next, we tailor our equipment to your notification, detection, alarms and suppression preferences. From there, we follow National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) guidelines and national and local fire codes to create a unique system for your business. 

Professional Fire System Inspections

Regular inspections are the best way to maintain your fire protection system’s effectiveness. With our 24/7 maintenance and servicing availability, our team is always eager to inspect and improve your system. 

Annual professional inspections can: 

  • Lengthen the lifetime of your system. 
  • Combat frequent false alarms.
  • Highlight any weak areas in need of repair.

You can trust us to keep your safety equipment up and running after we install it. Count on Certified Fire and Security for professional fire system inspections in Cedar City, Utah. 

Stay Safe With Certified Fire and Security 

Work with Certified Fire and Security today to install your new fire protection system. Call us at 435-674-5700 or set up an appointment online to evaluate the best options for your Cedar City business.