How to Protect Packages From Getting Stolen

It’s a crime that didn’t happen very often until about 10 years ago — people stealing packages delivered to someone’s front door or side porch. They are known as porch pirates. It wasn’t that thieves didn’t occasionally steal packages or important mail in the past. It’s just that they did not do it with the […]

Questions to Ask When Shopping for a New Commercial Security System

Since working with a commercial security company and installing a system is an investment, you will want to make sure you get the right fit. You can increase the chances of getting the best commercial security system for your business by asking the following questions before you buy or sign up for any services:

How Your Phone Can Be Used for Home Security

Did you know that modern technology and Certified Fire And Security can bring home security right to your fingertips, even when you’re on-the-go? Smart home security from Certified Fire And Security allows you to use your cell phone to keep your home safer. Stay one step ahead of thieves and problems at home while automating […]

Home Safety Tips for People Who Live Alone

Don’t sacrifice safety because you live alone. Whether you are living alone in an apartment or a home, you can keep yourself and your property protected. Regardless of if you think you live in a low-crime area, it won’t feel like it if your home gets broken into. Become more aware of the possible risks […]

Reasons Small Businesses Should Get a Security System

Do you need a small business security system? The answer is almost always “yes.” Whether your business operates 24/7, whether you have a customer-facing aspect to your business, and even if you think you have no valuables to steal, there are inevitably very good reasons to protect yourself with a small business security system.

How Home Security Is Beneficial If You Have Pets

Should you have a security system if you have pets? Some people are worried about combining home alarm systems and pets because they are worried about false alarms, with pets setting off motion sensors or chewing through alarm wires. Additionally, some people with dogs may feel that they do not need an alarm system at […]

Why Professional Commercial Security Is Better Than DIY

When choosing a security system for your business, you have a choice. You can order your own video cameras, motion sensors and burglar alarms and install them yourself, or you can order a system from a professional commercial security company like Certified Fire And Security and let us set up everything for you. Which is […]

Common Home Invasion Misconceptions

If you have a home and a family, you have no doubt given some thought to the possibility of a home invasion. Naturally, you want a reliable home security system to protect your home. You should be aware that there are some common burglary myths many people subscribe to that are not entirely accurate. For […]

Secure Your Business Without Compromising Your Employees’ Right to Privacy

Security cameras are vital for any business as they help you protect your assets from criminals. Burglars, for example, tend to avoid homes with security systems. It’s worthy to invest in security camera installation in Utah, but there are certain factors that you need to consider to prevent conflicts. One potential area of friction could be compromising […]