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Best and Worst Places to Hide Valuables in Your Home

Oct 1, 2018 We all have belongings that are important to us. When it comes to your valuables, you may have hiding places in your home where you keep them. But how secure are those hiding places? Would a thief think to look there? Your hiding places may not be as good as you think. Here are some of the best and worst places you can hide valuables from burglars.

The Worst Hiding Spots

The worst places to hide valuables tend to be common or cliche places that are also easy to find. Burglars typically want to get in and out as quickly as they can. Here are some of the worst places to hide valuables in your home:
  • Easily found hiding places: You may have a hiding place that you think no one will look. But if it's close to the place where the burglar broke in, they will probably find it. A burglar will probably also find it if it's easily accessible, like inside a drawer or under your bed.
  • Cliche hiding places: These spots once seemed like a great place to hide valuables, but now everyone is using the same place. Under the mattress, in or behind the toilet tank and in your underwear or sock drawer are some of the first places that a burglar will look. Avoid hiding your valuables in cliche spots, because they will probably be found.
A burglar's goal is to find as many valuables in as little time as they can. Don't hide your valuables in common places. If you do, they will find them quickly, and then keep looking because they'll have the time.

The Best Hiding Spots

The best places to hide valuables are hard or complicated to get to. If your hiding place takes time to go through thoroughly or could cause noise, a burglar is less likely to find it. Here are some good hiding places for valuables:
  • False containers: You can buy products that look like common household items but are actually storage containers for valuables. To save money, you can also DIY these items.
  • Fake stashes: If your valuables' hiding spaces are really good, a burglar will keep looking until they find something to take to make the break-in worthwhile. To try to prevent a burglar from completely tearing your home apart, plant a smaller stash in a more obvious hiding place. The burglar may think this is your main stash, then take it and leave.
  • Safes: The most secure place you can keep valuables is in a safe that is bolted to the floor or the wall. Even if a burglar were to find it, they would have no way to get it open or even take it with them without making a significant amount of noise.
Finding a good hiding place is a last-chance way of protecting your valuables. A better option is taking measures to prevent burglars from breaking into your home in the first place. To learn more about our home security systems, contact us today for more information. We provide home security solutions in Salt Lake City, St. George and all of the surrounding areas.


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