5 Things You Should Teach Your Kids About Fire Safety

Oct 15, 2018

Fire is difficult to fight once it has already started. But there are things you can do to prevent a fire from happening at home. Some of the things you can do are the responsible use of power outlets and extensions, proper storage of cooking oil and other flammable materials, replacement of faulty wiring, and not smoking at home. It will also be a big help if you hire a company that provides fire protection services for your home in Utah.

At Certified Fire Protection, we can help you draft a comprehensive fire prevention plan and install fire protective equipment in your home.

Of course, as an adult, you probably know at least the basic things when it comes to fire prevention. However, your kids may not. As a parent, you are responsible for educating your kids about fire, the dangers it brings, and why they should not play with it. Here are some other things you can teach your kids about fire safety:

The Evacuation Plan

Every home must have a comprehensive evacuation or fire escape plan that they should discuss with the family regularly. This plan should not be complicated especially if you have young ones at home.

Walk your kid through the plan, step-by-step. Then, practice it together. Time yourself during the evacuation practice. According to the American Red Cross, you only have two minutes to escape during a home fire.

The Function of Smoke Detectors

Your kids may be taken aback the first time they hear the alarm of a smoke detector. This is why it is crucial that you teach them what a smoke detector is and how it functions. Once they get the concept, teach them to notify you or an adult if they hear the alarm go off.

You should also teach them how to call 911 and talk to the operator so if the alarm goes off while they are home alone, someone can come to help.

On another note, you should regularly change the batteries of your smoke detector so it functions properly.

The Doorknob Test

In the event of a fire, you may not be sure if the next room is already in flames. What you can do is to check if the doorknob is hot or warm. If it is hot, it usually means the fire has spread to the other side of the door. Meaning, it’s time to look for another exit.

Instruct your kids to use towels when grabbing things to avoid burns. They should also know that wrapping a damp towel over the head and face will help reduce the chance of suffocation.

The Stop, Drop, Roll Technique

Your kids should know not to panic if ever their clothes catch fire. You should teach them the stop, drop, and roll technique. Demonstrate the technique to them and have them practice it with you.

If this incident ever happens, your kids’ calmness and alertness can help minimize injury. Running without thinking might worsen the situation.

Using the Fire Extinguisher

If you have older kids, you should teach them how to properly use a fire extinguisher through the PASS technique. It instructs the user to pull the pin, aim the stream to the base of fire, squeeze the lever gently, and sweep from side to side.

You can practice this with them and allow them to use the fire extinguisher themselves.

Teaching your kids all these things will give them the confidence and knowledge to deal with a fire. Practicing these points means your kids will be ready for a fire emergency should it happen.

Here at Certified Fire Protection, we will help ensure your safety, as well as that of those you hold dear to you. Reach out to us today so we can work on a comprehensive fire protection system and evacuation plan for your Utah residence.

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